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Planning Applications

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Information supplied by the Residents Association (NAWARA)

The following are planning applications received by Bucks Council between 01 March and 12 April 2021 for Naphill & Walter’s Ash. Any responses by NAWARA appear in full on the Bucks Planning website.

21/05696/FUL Little Orchard, Downley Rd., Naphill. Householder Appn. for demolition of existing single storey rear extension, construction of front porch and part single, part two storey side and rear extension (alternative scheme to pp 20/08276/FUL. Rec. 08.03.21. Val. 08.03.21.

21/05703/CLP 57 Woodcock Av., Walter’s Ash. Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey rear extension and installation of 1 x box dormer to rear roof slope in connection with loft conversion. Rec.08.03.21. Val. 12.03.21.

21/05611/FUL 151 Main Rd, Naphill. HA for construction of part single , part two storey front and side extension incorporating integral garage, insertion of 1 x dormer and 2 x rooflights to rear roofslope to facilitate conversion of loft to habitable accommodation and associated alterations. Rec 27.02.21. Val 12.03.21

21//05740/FUL 1 Prospet Cottages, Downley Rd, Naphill. HA for construction of single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory and re-roofing of existing single storey rear extension. Rec. 11.03.21. Val. 16.03.21.

19/08031/FUL Clappins Lane. 3 Appns received 30.03.21, related to Condition 8 (Construction Traffic Management Plan), Condition 6 (Road SUDS Scheme), Condition 4 ((SUDS.)

21/05930/FUL 154, Main Rd., Naphill. HA for construction of single storey garden room with veranda (part retrospective). Rec. 26.03.21. Val. 29.03.21

21/06071/FUL 160 Main Rd.,Naphill. HA for construction of front porch, single storey rear extension and creation of first floor living accommodation with installation of 4 x roof lights. Rec. 09.04.21. Val. 14.04.21

21/06018/FUL 25 Vincents Way, Naphill. HA for demolition of existing garage, construction of single storey rear extension and fenestration alterations. Rec. 02.04.21.Val. 12.04.21

21/05626/FUL 162 Main Rd., Naphill. HA for construction of single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory and toilet. Rec. 02.03.21. Val 02.03.21

21/05600CLE Fern Way, Purssells Meadow, Naphill. Certificate of Lawfulness Existing for erection of poles supporting wire amateur radio antennas. Rec. 26.02.21. Val 04.03.21

21/05588/FUL Oak End Clappins Lane, Naphill. HA for construction of single storey rear extension with raised decking and ramp. Rec. 24.02.21. Val. 04.03.21

19/08031/FUL Clappins Lane, Walter’s Ash. 8 Appns received 16.02.21. related to Condition 3 (Archeology), Condition 7 (Estate Road Details), Condition 8 (Construction Management Plan), Condition 12 (Pre-Commencement: Construction and Environmental Management Plan), Condition 13 (Pre-Commencement: Ecological Mitigation), Condition 22(Renewables Scheme), Condition 4 (SUDS), Condition 14 (Pre-Occupation; Landscape and Ecology Management Plan).

Speedwatch. We are all aware that speeding has become a serious problem during the pandemic. The good news is that Community Speedwatch is up and running again. We need and welcome new volunteers. Once you have taken part in the Thames Valley Police training course on-line (actually it’s like a game), and answered a set of questions, you will need an hour’s practical experience with a Speedwatch group on Main Road. After that you will be a qualified TVP Speedwatch operator and your name recorded on the Co-ordinator’s official list.

I have a simple set of instructions to help you through the registration and training process which I can email you. You will need to log into and follow the instructions. Any problems - email or phone me on 563634. Any technical queries email James Perkins on J@JMTP.CO.UK.

Sewage Leak. The sewage which polluted the stream in Hughenden Park some weeks ago is under control, but there may be a problem again in prolonged heavy rain. We have asked the Hughenden Valley Drainage Improvement Group to warn us of any future problems.

Gloria Leflaive 563634

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ADRC - Approval of details reserved by condition - approval of details reserved by condition

ADV - Advertisement consent - consent to display an advertisement(s)

CAAD - Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development

CLE - Lawful Development Certificate (existing) for an existing use or operation or activity

CLP - Lawfuk Development Certificate (proposed) - for a proposed use or operation or activity

FUL - Full planning permission

HSC - Application for Hazardous Substances Consent

LBC - Listed building consent - consent for alterations or demolition of a listed building

MINAMD - Non-Material Amendment - application to amend an application that has already been determined

OUT - Outline planning permission with some/all matters resolved

PIP - Permission in principle - an alternative route to permission, but must meet certaib requirements

REM - Approval of reserved matters - approval of reserved matters following outline approval

TDC/FUL - Technical Details Consent - submission of technical details relating to a Permission in Principle

TPO - Application for tree works - works to trees subject to a preservation order (TPO)

VCDN - Removal or variation of conditions - removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission