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Apart from a gap after the World War Two when there was no paper available, the Naphill & Walter's Ash Gazette has been distributed around the villages since the village schoolmaster started it in March 1937.

Volunteers run the Gazette as a community project and its purpose is to keep the villagers informed about local issues and events. It does not seek to make a profit but needs to be self-financing so income is obtained from residents, advertising and various donations.

The Gazette is an A4 size colour magazine published for 10 months of the year with combined issues for August/September and December/January. The print deadline is always the 15th of the month before the month of issue.

Each month, village organizations, RAF, local Councilors and Community Police Officers keep us up to date on ‘What’s happening’. Residents are encouraged to submit articles, photographs and letters for publication. Information on submitting articles and photographs can be found here:- 'Guidelines for Articles' and 'Photographers' Guidelines' or email the editor for assistance.

Today we have a team of some 40 volunteers involved in the production and distribution of the Gazette.

Gazette Articles
The editor welcomes articles of interest, news, views, opinions etc from all members of the community as well as those who live beyond and have an interest in our community.

Editorial Disclaimer
Editorial Disclaimer: Although the editor has made every effort to ensure that the information in the magazine was correct at press time, the editor does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, regardless of the cause. The content of any article or advertiser is the responsibility of the contributor, if the text is edited/substantially altered, the editor will inform the contributor before publication. Any opinions expressed in articles do not express the personal opinion of the editor. Comments or queries on individual articles or advertisement will be forwarded to the author/contributor to substantiate. The editor retains the right to refuse any contribution. No group or individual can demand that their contribution will be published in the Gazette or on the associated Facebook page or dictate how or where their contribution is placed or displayed. The editor will close comments on any subject if this is agreed by the Gazette committee member.

Advertisements / Rates

The Naphill and Walter's Ash Gazette operates two types of advertisements. There are the 'Display Advertisements' (boxed) that appear in the front and back pages and the 'Small Ads' (lineage) section that appear within the body of the magazine. Display advertisements may be in greyscale or colour.

Display advertisers are invited to make use of the Naphill & Walter's Ash Gazette Facebook page. They are allowed to advertise on here on a weekly basis.

The display advertisements space is taken and renewed annually. The advertising year runs from 1st March to end February. The rates are for 2023 and will remain the same for 2024:

Existing customers only

Greyscale Eighth Page
9cm x 6.5cm landscape
Greyscale Quarter Page
13cm x 9cm portrait
Greyscale Half Page
18cm x 13cm landscape

Existing and new customers

Colour Eighth Page
9cm x 6.5cm landscape
Colour Quarter Page
13cm x 9cm portrait
Colour Half Page
18cm x 13cm landscape
Colour Full Page

There is usually a waiting list for this space. To be added to the list please let our Advertising Manager have your name, address and telephone number plus a description of what you wish to advertise.

Invoices for display advertisements are sent out to existing advertisers as an attachment to an email at the beginning of January each year with a request that payments are made within 21 days.

Small Ads/ Rates

These are text only advertisements and must be limited to 220 characters including word spaces. These can be submitted in a Word document or as text within an email.

The rate is £40 for the ten issues. Consideration can be given to advertising for a shorter period in special circumstances, for an agreed rate.

Any alterations to an original advertisement must be requested on or before 15th of the month prior to publication.

All advertisements must be paid for in advance for the 10 issues each year.

Small ad advertisers are NOT invited to advertise on the Napilll and Walter's Ash Gazette Facebook page.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

All existing advertisers will be given priority when renewal is due subject to payment being made promptly.
If payment is not made by the due date then a reminder will be sent. If payment has still not been made within 14 days after that reminder then that advertisement will be removed after the February publication and the space offered to an alternative advertiser.

All advertisements must be paid for in advance for the 10 issues each year.

Advertisements can be submitted as print ready PDFS, Word documents (without logos/illustrations sized - must submit largest files to be resized to print specification), JPEG, TIFF, InDesign or Illustrator document. The editor will help with advertisement and design upon request.

Any alterations to an original advertisement must be requested on or before 15th of the month prior to publication. Any changes to advertisements during the advertising year may be subject to an additional charge.

The Editor/Advertising Manager will maintain a list of potential advertisers.

The Editor/Advertising Manager does not accept any responsibility or liability for the performance of any firm or individual advertising in the gazette nor provide any guarantee for the quality of workmanship or service provided

To enquire about advertising please contact: